Thanks for checking out my site and wanting to learn more about me.

I grew up around acoustic music and it’s what I play today. My influences include Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Country, even Celtic tunes. I play the guitar and mandolin and have spent years making a living sharing my love for music.

These days I’m spending time in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area regularly playing in brewpubs and other local music venues.

Early Influences

The sound of acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo were pretty common and familiar to my ears by the time I had an interest in playing anything himself. I chose the guitar because it was accessible, simple at first, but capable of such complex expression. 

My references are from the Bluegrass world as most of my family played it. My Grandfather was good friends with the man who had ‘started it all’, Mr. Bill Monroe, and an Uncle who filled the role of banjo player for Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys in the early 70’s. These guys shaped my ear and kindled in me a love for folk and Bluegrass jammin’.

I remember time spent at many Bluegrass festivals as a child and the sounds of Tony Rice’s guitar and distinct voice filling the air around me. To this day Tony Rice is remembered as my father’s favorite guitarist.

Musical Style

After a couple of years learning my way around the guitar I discovered Leo Kottke. So much sound, feeling, and emotion from one guitar. The music came from his fingers and his songs needed no words. This was a real revelation to me and has inspired me to develop my uinque voice through my guitar.

Collaborative Works

At the time my first cd was released, “Collection of Sounds”, I began collaborating with other musicians, developing another side of my playing. From soft and subtle accompaniment to all out blues or bluegrass oriented jams, I was putting out acoustic and folk music.

At the time, my style and passion led to a lengthy partnership of 4 years with Noah Hunt. Noah went on to be a vocalist for the blues phenomenon Kenny Wayne Shephard. Before all that, Noah and I recorded an album together, “Long Black Train.” It captured what Noah and I could do together in our many performances.


Before I left Cincinnati, Ohio in 1999, I was on the list Best Releases of the Year for several years because of my solo CDs and that album with Noah Hunt.

After my move to Ann Arbor, Michigan, I entered and won a fingerstyle championship in St. Augustine, Florida and later competed in a National Championships in Winfield, Kansas. Playing with other musicians and competing has helped me further develop my style.